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Discover Your Greatest Self.

As we grow older, many of us feel that our creative side has gone for good. We wish we could be more creative but we don't know how. Chances are that our creativity is just sleeping, and if we try, we can reawaken it.

Do you wish you could get in touch with your creativity? Chances are that your creative self hasn't gone away, it's just buried under a lot of stuff that life has thrown at you. How can you find your creative self again?

What is keeping you from being more creative? Is it your job? Your family? Your upbringing? Your fear?

Many people who wish they were more creative, say they have had all their creativity crushed right out of them by the demands of life, their jobs, their work schedules, and the negative people all around them. In some cases, parents or teachers made insensitive remarks that crushed the creative hopes of these people when they were very young. Since that time, they haven’t found the courage to pursue creativity again....

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