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Take control of YOUR LIFE.

Now is the best time to make changes relating to everything from finance to fitness. Unfortunately, its challenging to do it by ourselves, so easy to have dreams and settle (un)comfortably back into our old habits and will find ourselves feeling just slightly more powerless against our ability to slay the dragons that stand between you and your best self. If you’re like me and tired of seeing the same resolution on that list year-after-year (I will learn Spanish) perhaps these tips might help.

. Clarity – Take a few min to write down a list of what you truly want

2. Ask your self 'Why' – Look at the list you just wrote – write next to each point why do you truly want it in your life, what purpose that it serve, and how will you feel when you actually achieved it

3. 'Should vs Want' – Look again at the list, if most of the points are “ I need to …” rather than I “want to …” then its not your list, probably someone else’s ( maybe to satisfy some else’s needs, or your need to look good , be liked, be respected et..).

If you look at the list and most of the points are ‘’I want to …” than its you’re list, and you can continue to the next tip.

4. Keep it Simple - Create a simple and easy to Follow action plan, use a calendar, your google notes, reminder on your phones what ever works best for your unique and amazing brain. And!! hang on your door or wall ,4A size note with ‘Nike famous slogan ‘’JUST DO IT’’.

5. Procrastinating is exhausting – Its liberating to get things done and not procrastinate.

So to get things done , you’ll need to be sure that its truly what you want, if the answer is yes, then naturally you’ll feel motivated to keep it going and not procrastinate ..hope it makes sense.

6. Cant do it by yourself – Welcome to the “club’’ of millions of people who hire a coach to help them get unstuck, motivate, keep them accountable and finally achieve their goals.

So to conclude this short post :

Achieving goals happens when we are motivated, We are motivated when we pursue what we truly and honestly want. So connect to your true self, that inner voice ( your voice not other's ) that knows you better than any one on this planet and listen to it !

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