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Transformational life coaching - 8 weeks program 

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A personal, one-on-one 8 week life coaching program.

Discover who you truly are, what you want in life and how you can achieve it in the fastest and easiest way.

Worldwide through Skype/ Zoom 

Description :

Would you like to make rapid progress in your life?

By transforming your consciousness, you will watch your new and more satisfying life grow from within yourself, aiming for the experience of as much true fulfillment as possible.

Do you want to discover what your really want in life and how to achieve it in fastest and easiest way ?

If your answer is yes , then lets start 8 weeks of exploring and transforming your life as you truly want them to be!


During this unique program 

  • Expose and clear the mistaken beliefs that have sabotaged abundance in your life

  • Fulfil your potential to manifest abundance effortlessly, in all areas of your life

  • Discover your heart’s deepest desire and envision a brand new, more fulfilling life

  • Brainstorm a dynamic action plan that gives you practical ways to encourage abundance to flourish in your life

  • Experience new found freedom and finally release the creative genius that resides within you

  • Leave soaring in your true potential, ready to effortlessly draw abundance into all areas of your life: health, creativity, financial wellbeing and relationships

  • We will meet once a week via Skype, I will use coaching and NLP practical tool, exercises and healing techniques. you can also email me in between sessions for extra support and help.


Structure :  8 sessions - 60 min each - once a week (Skype or Zoom )

                      4 WhatsApp  calls - 20min each - once in 2 weeks 


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