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Meet Tali

Tali Weiss

B.A. in Psychology, Professional Certified Life Coach Gome and IAC

Personal growth/Career/Relationships/ Teens 

NLP Practitioner ​/ Author of 'The sad Moon' 

Tali Weiss, director and owner of FitnessU Ltd is a certified life coach and NLP Practitioner. Her profession as a life coach is derived from her many years of fitness coaching. She believes successful coaching is not only about physical training, but as well as guiding others to understand themselves better, and to identify and overcome their struggles. She hopes to flourish and help others to grow their confidence.


''I started over many years ago as a simple wish to fix my own life, but it has turned into a life-changing and ongoing mission to educate and develop myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I began my coaching journey 17 years ago to share my positive experiences with others, and help them to live a better life.

My time being a personal fitness trainer encouraged and motivated me to become a life coach. 

I realized physical and technical instructions are not enough to support my clients, emotional and mental support are also required to maintain their exercise commitments.  I investigated possible exercise issues, such as unsupported lifestyle patterns, addictive behaviors, and family and personal challenges.

These need to be addressed before experiencing success.

To become a better life coach, I decided to study BA in psychology in 2016 to further assist my clients; and is certified and accredited as a CoActive Coach by Gome Institue and NLP practiotioner - by The Priority Academy USA.''


As a former fitness trainer and an active life coach, Tali supports, encourages, inspires and motives her trainees to successfully achieve their goals. Clients may also experience a hearty and secure training session with Tali.


Tali aims to learn and grow in her coaching and personal life continuously. And further expands FitnessU Ltd, strives to be the leader of the fitness and wellness industry in Hong Kong and Asia.



  • NLP Master Practitioner - NLP incorporated institute 

  • Certified - IAC Coach -( Hong Kong Chapter )

  • Certificate - Master Course for Advanced Life Coaching, Gome Institute.

  • Certified - ADHD management coach - by Prof' Krishnan Sharma

  • Certified - Children & Teens coach - 'Yozmot' Israel 

  • Certificate - Basic Course for Life Coaching, Gome Institute.

  • Certificate - Mediator, certified by the

  • Justice Minister of Israel

  • BA Psycology  Tel Aviv University.

  • Certified Fitness Trainer, the Wingate Institute.



"All that we are is the result of What we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become - Buddha



Dear Tali - Thanks so much for all the help you have been able to give me over the course of the past year. I had no known what a Life Coach was before meeting you.

I was going through a challenging time professionally as I transitioned into a new position and you were able to help me see things more objectively and from a completely different mindset. So very, very different from traditional counseling. In many ways our sessions together had the feeling of getting together with a dear, old friend. Sessions that left me feeling more complete and more in charge of my emotions and my direction.

Though there are new challenges that I'm facing at work, I feel that you've given me the tools to continue to self-reflect and to evaluate. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Best to you always -

Melissa T




Tali carefully listens and figures out what inspires and challenges me. She likes to get to the point and find what works for me.

Thank you Tali for guiding, inspiring  and always believing in me!

Big hug -

Sam P


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