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'Best shape of your life ' by - Tali Weiss

Take control of



It’s that time of year when many people resolve to make changes relating to everything from finance to fitness. Unfortunately, by February, a good majority of us will have settled (un)comfortably back into our old habits and will find ourselves feeling just slightly more powerless against our ability to slay the dragons that stand between you and your best self. If you’re like me and tired of seeing the same resolution on that list year-after-year (I will learn Spanish) perhaps these tips might more

Take back



“People tend to blame their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Excuses. We all make them.

We make them for everything all the time without even realizing it, pointing the finger at someone or something else, anything or anyone but ourselves.

I didn’t think I made excuses. Blaming people? Who me? No way!

Once I took a real, hard look at my life I realized I was full of excuses and blame—excuses for why I was always running late, why I couldn’t start living a healthier life, do the dishes, go out on a Friday night, or call someone back.

Excuses for why I couldn’t do this or that, why I wasn’t good enough, why my life wasn’t what I wished it was, why my financial situation wasn’t the best, why I was upset at more




Life Coaching is about maximizing your potential and living your life to the fullest as defined by you.
In coaching, the trainee is always at choice and in power. The coach is not an advisor or consultant. Coaching is about empowerment, awareness, growth, wellness and potential.

Life Coaching is about “focusing on the present and the future rather than the past''.
Its about taking immediate actions toward your desirable goals.
For me Life Coaching is "the windows of our mind"( Bill Gates).
Once you have experienced coaching method you will not go back to "DOS"( The old - 'Disk Operating System').

Why do so many people choose coaching? Because it works! Coaching helps you shape your life the way you want it. Its an effective goal and results oriented method which allows you to grow, change and successfully create meaningful forward movement.

'What Is Burnout: Expert Advice On How To Manage and Prevent It'


Your Greatest Self.


As we grow older, many of us feel that our creative side has gone for good. We wish we could be more creative but we don't know how. Chances are that our creativity is just sleeping, and if we try, we can reawaken it.

Do you wish you could get in touch with your creativity? Chances are that your creative self hasn't gone away, it's just buried under a lot of stuff that life has thrown at you. How can you find your creative self again?

What is keeping you from being more creative? Is it your job? Your family? Your upbringing? Your fear?

Many people who wish they were more creative, say they have had all their creativity crushed right out of them by the demands of life, their jobs, their work schedules, and the negative people all around them. In some cases, parents or teachers made insensitive remarks that crushed the creative hopes of these people when they were very young. Since that time, they haven’t found the courage to pursue creativity more


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