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How to cope with change?

The way you cope with changes in your life, depends on your attitude, beliefs, past experience, values, fears etc. These are the "foundation stones" that make you the special person you are. Whenever you experience change, ask your self the following questions:

What is my attitude toward change? What are my beliefs about the change I see around me and the change that surely lies ahead? What is my reaction towards the change? When faced with something new and different, do I long for the old way or do I look for what advantages this may bring to me, my family, my business.

Your answer may be different based upon the type of change you face. It's likely to have a positive reaction to a change that you chose to make, but what if the change seems forced upon you — a new responsibility at work, dismissed form your job or your spouse telling you they want a divorce - you'll experience a different reaction. The more power you feel you have over a given situation, the easier it is to handle. We need to look at what’s happening and acknowledge what we need to change in ourselves in order to adapt to the changes around us. How do you feel about 'change'? Often, people resist change before allowing themselves to explore its potential and benefits. This resistance is a natural reaction to the unknown.

How do we cope with negative reaction? - By acknowledging the change! Make the unknown known! You must consciously and logically analyze what this difference will mean to you. And it’s often not what you first perceive. Make a sincere effort to look for the good in what appears to be changing. How to exploit the change? First, accept it. By accepting the reality of the situation, you can then change your strategies. You can take a new track. You can change direction. You can set a new course. Instead of becoming the "victim" and say "why did it happen to me" (thinking that no one else is as miserable as you areJ) become the winner, the one that has control over his feelings and action. Remember your emotions drive your decisions and, ultimately, determine your actions. This is the time for self "brain storming". This is the time to be creative and use your intellect, to get the help you need, to do whatever it takes to adjust to this change.

One of the best movies I have seen lately is "the pursuit of happiness" starring Will Smith. This great movie, based upon a true story is a wonderful example of how a change can make you creative in an extraordinary way, and eventually very rich!

Your success is largely dependent upon your acceptance and response to the change that takes place around you. Positive attitudes toward change are one of the basic methods that I use as a trainer. This is a great technique to help you get rid of old and irrelevant paradigm and adopt new and empowered ones.

If you feel that it is hard to cope with change on your own try Life coaching, for a change !

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