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Did you know that you have a 'formula' for happy and balanced life?

If you are like most people / clients I know, you will probably answer NO.

Well, let me tell you this, you do ! every human on this planet have a unique formula that makes him/ her/ they feel fulfilled, happy, content kind of being in the zone.

Confusing, I know, I didn't realize I have a formula until I complete my coaching training and coached clients for a decade !

What does it mean 'unique formula for happy and balanced life'?

It means that there are very specific 'components' in every aspect of your being that creates that formula. components can be in your inner self such as values, needs, beliefs or outside such as : nature, light, open spaces, a hug, money, music etc.

Here is the thing, those components are so transparent to most of humans , that your mostly not even aware that it exist, what you will probably would know is 'a feeling' that feeling of 'I feel good', motivated, excited, energetic or the opposite, demotivated, unhappy, worried , or just feeling that something is working, something is missing.

Sound familiar? well if your answer is yes, then its time to start exploring and understanding better, how your formula works, and the best thing is , how to maintain the formula and make sure you live by your formula forever.

Hey, sounds to good to be true, well its good and its definitely true, yet its not magic, it takes time, effort and commitment to explore and create your formula. to be, do and have in order to create your 'formula' for happy and balanced life.

It worked for me and for my clients, so I can confidently say that ''I preach by what I teach/ coach', from here its up to you, are you willing to commit to life coaching journey, explore your true self, your values ,needs, beliefs, habits, feelings, choices you make....if you are ready to commit to your journey to create your unique happy/ balanced life formula, I will be honored to guide, inspire and walk with you step by step. / Whatsapp - +852 63879993

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